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Kevin Kennedy III Saturday, July 1st

July 01, 2023 09:00 PM

Kevin Kennedy III may be a local country artist from North Platte, Nebraska but his music has been infused with styles from around the globe.  Growing up in Nebraska gave Kevin a passion for all kinds of music, specifically country, but he was longing to create something different.  As Kennedy put it “People are always trying to put you in a box, but good music is good music.  Country music resonates with me because it’s raw and real.  But who are you to say something is or isn’t country?" Over the past 10 years, Kevin has written music and performed in over 89 countries all while honing a style that was truly unique.   Today he has found a way to combine world music, hip hop, reggae, punk rock, and of course country into one style: surf country.   So if you like traveling, fun, and good music come see Kennedy rock out with his full band.